Summer Sessions 2014:

Tree No Leaves video and Silent Lions drum tracks slated for June.

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Nah Collective - Toledo's newest record label

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Silent Lions "Ripe People"

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SixtyTenStudio @SixtyTenStudio
Sixtyten Studio  @SixtyTenStudio
Great video session last night with The Yugos! 
Sixtyten Studio  @SixtyTenStudio
We're pleased to announce the birth of Sixtyten Sessions - our new youtube channel for high quality video/audio... 
Sixtyten Studio  @SixtyTenStudio
Silent Lions dropped in today with Zach Shipps. Gettin that room sound for the new SiLi album. 
Sixtyten Studio  @SixtyTenStudio
These guys were a pleasure to work with, and the video came out great!!...