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Jacob Sigman video shoot with Ben Snyder.  

February Update:

Interior wall project will begin this month, so excited.
Nah Collective - Toledo's newest record label

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SixtyTenStudio @SixtyTenStudio
Sixtyten Studio  @SixtyTenStudio
Okay, so I still haven't posted any pics of the renovations, BUT, this past weekend was definitely a hit. Jacob... http://t.co/M38zJg2Rdr 
Sixtyten Studio  @SixtyTenStudio
Electrical work is finally underway to fix the lack of lighting issue that's persisted out here for the last 5 years. Excitement. 
Sixtyten Studio  @SixtyTenStudio
Just got word, some really cool things are lining up out here for this spring. Also, can't wait to post pics of... http://t.co/CjKKiNLzVi 
Sixtyten Studio  @SixtyTenStudio
Finally settled on a design for the new walls. If you haven't been here in a while, you're gunna be in for a treat!! 
Sixtyten Studio  @SixtyTenStudio
This article isn't new, but it's certainly not outdated:... http://t.co/AoihK1lb3X